Corporate Training for SAP Hana Analytics & Business intelligence using SAP Business One‘s Live Data 3 x 18 days 48 Hrs Rs. 40,000
SAP Business One ERP is a driving factor for leaders of the Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing industries in their choice.
Course Objective: This course provide Complete hands-on training for Supply Chain Professional to optimize their productions, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Point of Sale and Manufacturing Facilities.
1 – Accounting
o Financial /Account Determination
o Cost Accounting
o Account Payable / Account Receivable
o Bank Transactions
o House Bank
o Bank Reconciliation
o Incoming / Outgoing Payments
o Bank Deposit
2 – Business Partner Management
o Vendor Group
o Customer group
o Vendor Special Discount
o Discount Group
3 – Material Requirements Planning
o Forecasting and Replenishment
o Demand Management
o Production
o Bill of Material (BOM)
o Production order
o Job scheduling
o Costing
4 – Inventory Management
o Bin location
o Inventory Reconciliation
o Price List
o Inventory Counting Cycle
o Inventory Replenishing
o Lead times
o Backorder
o Inventory Costing
o Multiple Unit of measure
o Bar-Codes
5 – Sale Opportunity 
o Sale Leads
o Sale Stages
o Sale Partner Ratio Graph
6 – Powered By Hana Bi Administrative Console
o Server Performance Parameter
o Statics Server
o In-Memory Data & Persistent Storage
o Import & Export Data Schemas
o Single Sing On
o User Define Objects
o User Define Fields
o Real Time Dashboard
o Deliverable Alerts
o Semantics Layers
o Drag & Relate
o Matrices Vs Indicator Vs KPIs
o Trend Axis, Goals
o Target Based Historical Data
o Query Generation.
o Complex Queries
7 – Type of Dashboard
o Operational Dashboard
o Strategic Dashboard
o Analytics Dashboard
8 – SAP BI Crystal Reports
o Excel Reports & Integrated Pivot Tables
o Customer Relationship Management 
o Financial Reporting
o Customer / Vender Aging
o Sales and Distribution 
9 – Analytics Dashboard Design Methodologies For :
o Cost Center Analytics
o Cost Accounting Vs Financial
o Budget Analytics
10 – Purchasing A/P
o Procurement Process
o A/P Invoices
o A/P Credit Invoice
o A/P Service Invoice
o Purchase Order
o Purchase Quotation
11 – Sale A/R 
o A/R Invoices
o A/R Credit Invoice
o A/R Service Invoice
o Sale Order
o Sale Quotation
12 –  Optional Modules include:
o Warehouse and Production Management
o Transportation / Logistics
o Dynamics Cost Perdition
o Sale Opportunity Analytics Matrices
o Sale Employees Analysis
o Inventory Turnover,   Status & Delivery Analytics
o Manufacturing Production  & WIP KPIs
· SAP Business One Taxation for Pakistan / UAE / Europe & USA