Freelance Programming Training Workshop with Opportunitions available in Local & International Market 6 x 3 days 18 Hrs Rs. 15,000
Looking for freelance programming training as a freelancer’s developer or  full time developer?
Freelancing is a self-employment opportunity which can be availed either working online or offline.                            As a freelancer you work for someone without being a part of their company. Working as a freelancer knows no age limit; having a skill set is enough to start earning from home. With growing passage of time, various methods have evolved of working as freelancer with individuals or companies preferring freelancers to get their work done at the most minimal cost. This course will  train you to find freelance work  opportunities, choose the best assignment for you, maintain good rapport with your customers and clients and build a strong portfolio
1 – Who can attend?
·   Current freelancers who want to build and differentiate their businesses
·   Anyone interested in becoming a professional freelancer
·   Newbie’s
·   Computer Operators
·   Ms Office Experts / Specialist
·   Office Assistant
·   Graphics Designers / Artist
·   Animators
·   Software Engineers / Developers
·   Programmers
·   Web Designers / Web Developers
·   Project Managers
2 – Program Objectives
This program enables students to:
·   Find freelance work opportunities suited to their skill s
·   How to prepare winning proposals for clients
·   How to create your profile and attract clients
·   How to bid and win a project
·   How to create unique work and increase demand for your work
·   Understand what it takes to be more than the average freelancer
·   Turn professional and make a commitment to finding better clients and doing better work
3 – Duration of Course
·  The duration of the Course is 6 Hours x 3 days
4 – Fee Structure
·    15,000
5 – Awards & Certificates
Upon the successful completion of this course, you will  receive a Completion Certificate.  Along with freelancer certification
6 –
For Registration:
Course Outline
7 – During this course we will teach you all the hidden tips & tricks, some of those listed here…
1 – Where to find Work / Projects?
2 – How to apply for Work / Projects?
3 – How to estimate the Work / Project Cost?
4 – How to estimate the Work / Project Duration
5 – How to do the Work / Project Management?
6 – How to request Advance Payment?
7 – How to meet the Work / Project Deadline?
8 – How to get Paid after submitting the Work?
and many more…
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