Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations applications includes full read, edit and

approval access across the entire ERP solution (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics AX) plus Microsoft PowerApps capabilities.

The modules to be implemented from the DYNAMICS 365 (Operations on premise) consists of following modules;

Financials Management:

  • General Ledger covers your all Financial Transactions.
  • Chart of Accounts(including Financial Dimensions).
  • Sales Tax & Withholding Tax Calculation.
  • Cash & Bank Management including Bank reconciliation.
  • Account Receivable (Cash / Cheques received against your different Insurance Polices).
  • Account Payable (Cash / Cheques Payments against your Insurance Claims, with other routine payments).
  • Budgeting (Department / Cost Center wise Budgets allocation & Controls)
  • Cash Flow Management (Clients Invoices & their payments Aging, Funds Management)
  • Multicurrency (Clients & their Invoices, Suppliers & their Bills can be maintained in their own local currencies and easily converted into Base Currency any time by applying Exchange Rates).
  • Advanced Payments (your Investments & Pre-payment Securities).
  • Intercompany Accounting (Transactions between your different group companies)
  • Consolidations (the Combined Overviews of your all group companies)
  • Financial Workflow (especially the approval processes of different types of Policies & Claims).
  • Period / Year End – Closings (you can maintain Historical Data / Records, even after these Period & Year end’s closing exercises)
  • Financial Statements (Balance Sheets, Income Statements and different types of Finance control Reports thru SSRS, Management Reporter & BI Tools)
  • Fixed Assets (Including your all types of Machinery, Equipment & Vehicles in your custody)


Your all Finance related routine Issues, forGeneral Ledger, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Cash / Banks, Budgeting & Fixed Assetswill be considered, as maximum as possible, the remaining needs will be obtained during customization.

Supply Chain Management:

  • Product Information Management(including Items Dimensions), the Different types of Policies treated as Service Items and Insured Vehicles & other things treated as Products.
  • Inventory& Warehouse Management (small level utilization for Maintaining Stationary Record).
  • Sales & Marketing (Different types of Policies treated as Blanket Sales Orders).
  • Procurements & Sourcing (Different types of Claims against Policies treated as Purchase Orders.
  • Quality Management (Claims Verification with different types of quality checks / conditions).
  • Customer & Vendor Price Agreements (Handling of Policies values & Limits).


The Configuration Setting Module (Organization Administration), System Management Module (System Administration) and Data Import / Export Management features are included with all DYNAMICS 365 installations.


The existing Takaful Management Software made by your IT team, can be temporarily utilized, till we have fully redesigned its linkage with Dynamics 365 at following places:


  • Entry Points– Inclusion of new Policies in Takaful Insurance Management, which will be further transferredto Sales & Marketing module of DYNAMICS 365 – OPERATIONS, as Sales Orders.


  • The Invoices & Payments received against Policies will be handled in Accounts Receivable module.


  • Middle Points– Inclusion of Claims against Policies in Takaful Insurance Management, which will be further transferred to Procurements & Sourcing module of DYNAMICS 365 – OPERATIONS, as Purchase Orders


  • The Invoices & Payments against Policies will be handled in Accounts Payable module.


  • Exit Points (Removal of matured Policies from Takaful Insurance Management System as well as from Sales & Marketing module of DYNAMICS 365 – OPERATIONS at year end.

The JVs of yourAttendance & Payroll System will be entered in the DYNAMICS 365 – OPERATIONS GL module on Monthly basis.

As we want to avoid duplicate data entry & restoration / up-gradation of Master databases on daily basis, therefore, we will try to accommodate your Attendance & Payroll System & other mobile based applications thru latest DYNAMICS 365 – OPERATIONSon premise & CRM functionality at cloud in Windows AZURE (Connectivity thru Mobile based DYNAMICS 365 – OPERATIONS document attached).